Matt Crimmins

"Seems like I always loved to draw. As a child, just learning, I started as most kids do – stick figures of me and my family. Dad, Mom, my brother, two sisters and me – all looked alike but also a little different than other families. The heads and legs and arms looked like ladders to other people but they looked like figures to me. In my thirties, those figures starting calling to me again. I began to draw them and paint them and then mold them. Thirty years later the meaning a ladder can hold. Perhaps thirty years from now, more will unfold. For now I like being with them again.

The ladders are originals, sculpted from wax and bronzed using the lost wax process. I torch, melt, snap and shatter the wax as the sculpture is made. The ladders become its permanent physical self and expresses his and her mood during teh process."

– Matt Crimmins

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