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Dominique Samyn

Born in Flanders, Belgium, artist Dominique Samyn has traveled and lived throughout the world.  However, it was upon settling down in the Western part of the U.S. that she ultimately felt her deepest spiritual and creative connection.


She had numerous shows in the DC area, Belgium and Peru.  Her art is in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Encaustic or Hot Wax


“Over the winter I have been experimenting with different media.  I fell in love with the most challenging, encaustic (hot wax )! For 12 years I have been living off the grid in the high desert. 

Shadowdance #1
Shadowdance #2

This may seem very romantic but life can be hard here and one really has to rely on nature for water and power.  Native Americans have mastered that balance. We still have the same concerns especially concerning water collecting and conservation.  In this new series I borrow some symbols from them as a starting point for my encaustic work.  The bee wax seems to be the purest medium to work with.”


Abstract paintings in oil and cold wax on panel.


“Last fall I was in Belgium for a month and did get in touch with my Flemish roots. I come from a region famous for its fine and artistic linen. Since the middle ages, they integrate Syrian textile techniques and design (Damast = from Damascus) into their textiles.

In my paintings I have used symbols of ancient civilizations from Native Americans to Shipibo Indians of Peru, woodblocks from India and African designs. During the process of layering paint and wax the symbols fade but their energy remains in the artwork. Lately I also included Damast designs to unify the artwork and the result is stunning and magical. We all strive for balance and harmony in life and work.”

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