Kathleen casey

Kathleen Casey

Fine Art

"Art is because it comes from the space that doesn't have to do with hunger or the urge to go to the bathroom. It's a big broad space. It lurks beyond subsistence. What comes out in this series of hands and families? Dark. Light. Lost. Found."
– Kathleen Casey


Most of the Sterling Jewelry is stone-hammered and has a natural, irregular texture from Josh's stones. Some is oxidized to give a vintage look. Most of the copper has a vertigris coloring, a green patina on the copper. Simple shapes are my most prominent inspiration. Lightness in wearing is all important, even if it is a large piece. All the recycled jewelry is ever changing, typically made from vintage tobacco tins and license plates. Prices range from $15-$140. Please email us and we'll send a picture of the current inventory and/or you can order anything you see here. 

Also, if the need should ever arise, we'll repair jewelry made by Kathleen. Here is a sampling of the work...

Click here to purchase jewelry. If you don't see what you're after, just call the gallery & Kathleen will be happy to make you what you saw.

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