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Josh & Kathleen produce the bulk of the work in the gallery. Josh makes the stone fountains, wooden & copper furniture, sculpture & charcuterie boards. Kathleen makes the micaceous pottery, black & white paintings & jewelry. We show other works by our friends, who by and large make art here in our little village. We have carried most of the artists for 10+ years and follow their work through the natural changes and arcs of an artists’ work. Following John Cage’s philosophy “The best way to work is to empty out your head, aim at nothing, to become the medium of a process that is almost outside of oneself.” We hope the work you see feels instinctive.


Madrid, New Mexico seems to be magnet for artists that are ready to remove themselves from the urban setting. Maybe it's the allure of the surrounding hills, or the location, we're centered between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, or the quirky locals – made up of musicians, painters, writers, actors, builders, craftsmen, nurses, vagabonds and more. This makes for a deep well of talent from which Range West has been able to pull from.

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