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2020 Show 

Only Part of You is Dead  Pottery and Paintings by Kathleen Casey


This is the work of spiritual reconstruction, a landing in an archipelago. It begins in delight. Softly shifting-a discovery of form. Then to an internal narrative on the piece of myself that is in the form. In the narrative, I run in circles, through fears, secrets, philosophies, shames and truths-they reveal again the again. They roll around long enough to lay down in a kind of line. I leave them there. I pass by them, finding of them, losing them, forgiving it, looked at their sharp edges, softened curves, running my hand underneath the space in the shadows. There is a rhythm then, an up and down. Look in the shadows.   It’s all resting there.    



  Pieces and Parts  Wood and Bronze Sculptures by Joshua Gannon


The intrigue of just a portion most times is enough. Just the beginning of a story, leading for a moment, trailing off to enable one to determine the direction in their own experience.

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